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President Assad’s Productive Visit to Beijing: Strengthening Ties with China and Engaging with the Syrian Community

Both leaders recognized the potential for further cooperation through China's economic and cultural initiatives and joint investment projects, al-Watan writes.
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President Assad’s Productive Visit to Beijing: Strengthening Ties with China and Engaging with the Syrian Community

President Bashar al-Assad had significant meetings during his visit to Beijing. In his meeting with the Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress of China, Zhao Leji, President al-Assad commended China’s ethical policy and initiatives, viewing them as a transition from a world based on force to one based on morality. He highlighted China’s support for Syria politically, economically, and in humanitarian efforts, emphasizing the importance of China’s role in achieving common benefits for people.

Additionally, during his meeting with Chinese Prime Minister Li Qiang, President al-Assad reiterated Syria’s commitment to strengthening ties with the East, emphasizing its importance as a political, cultural, and economic guarantee. He praised the successful establishment of strategic partnership relations between Syria and China and thanked China for its support in Syria’s fight against terrorism and recovery from natural disasters. The leaders discussed the significance of China’s global role in achieving international balance and their shared history and principles, which form the foundation of their strong relationship.

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Both leaders recognized the potential for further cooperation through China’s economic and cultural initiatives and joint investment projects. They also discussed the global currency landscape, highlighting China’s growing influence, and reaffirmed their commitment to mutual development and stability in a world lacking security. China expressed its support for Syria in the face of sanctions and sieges, emphasizing its willingness to help Syria utilize its geographical advantages for development within the Belt and Road Initiative.

Assad, First Lady meet Syrian community

President Bashar al-Assad and Mrs. Asmaa hosted a warm gathering with members of the Syrian community at their Beijing residence. The atmosphere was intimate, with both the President and his wife personally greeting and getting to know each attendee.

During the meeting, President al-Assad emphasized the significance of the Syrian community members, each contributing with their skills and expertise, as a bridge connecting their homeland and their adopted country. He stressed the importance of this bridge, particularly in fostering closer ties between China and Syria. President al-Assad acknowledged China’s leading role in the world’s ongoing transformation through technological and economic development.

Originally scheduled for an hour, the meeting was extended to nearly two hours, allowing for an extensive exchange of ideas on strengthening relations between the two countries and their people. President Assad actively listened to various proposals from Syrian expatriates and directed follow-up actions through the Syrian embassy.

President Assad addressed the community members, encouraging them to share their ideas, proposals, and insights, especially regarding interactions with the Chinese people, particularly in economic and cultural aspects. He emphasized China’s role in the world’s current transformation, characterized by technological and economic advancements while maintaining respect for traditions, customs, and the cultures of others.

The meeting featured participation from accomplished professionals in the Syrian community, including those specializing in rare medical and biological fields, and pursuing advanced studies in China, as well as economists from various sectors. Syrian students studying in Chinese universities, doctors, and other attendees, some travelling long distances to attend, were also present.

President al-Assad and Mrs. Asmaa actively engaged with all attendees, facilitating dialogues and idea-sharing, and allowing for memorable photo opportunities with members of the Syrian community.


This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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