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President Assad’s Recent Visit to China Sparks Hope for Positive Change in Syria

Loyalists are affirming that Bashar al-Assad has set the stage for a potential transformation in Syria, according to Syria TV.
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President Assad’s Recent Visit to China Sparks Hope for Positive Change in Syria

While the Syrian pro-government media is still celebrating what it portrays as “a historic visit to China,” and affirming that Bashar al-Assad has set the stage for a potential transformation in his country’s future. Syrians are now buzzing with rumours, some bordering on the miraculous, as they hope for unprecedented reforms that could revitalize the nation’s economy and reverse political stagnation. While these rumours are primarily being spread by loyalists of the Syrian regime on social media, they have ignited a sense of optimism among many. Here are some of the prominent rumours circulating:


  1. “Historic General Amnesty”: One of the most widely discussed rumors suggests that a comprehensive general amnesty, described as the most extensive in Syria’s history, is on the horizon. Reports speculate that this amnesty could be issued before the end of October, offering hope for many who have been affected by the country’s political unrest.

Assessing Assad’s Vision for Syria’s Future

  1. “Fighting Corruption in Lattakia”: Reports of a crackdown on corruption in the Lattakia region have been circulating on social media. While the targets of this campaign remain unspecified, there have been reports of arrests and investigations into corruption among former and current officials, district mayors, contractors, and influential figures.


  1. “Asmaa al-Assad and Central Bank Management”: There are rumors suggesting that Asmaa al-Assad is playing a role in managing the Central Bank of Syria. This has coincided with the Syrian pound showing signs of improvement. Other reports suggest that Chinese experts may also be involved in managing the Central Bank, further contributing to the currency’s stability.


  1. “Syrian Renaissance Through China”: Pro-regime pages hint at substantial surprises expected to emerge from President al-Assad’s visit to China. These surprises include the prospect of city reconstruction with Chinese expertise, improvements in the electrical infrastructure with Chinese assistance, and substantial funds from China to aid in Syria’s recovery.


  1. “Ending Reserves in the Army”: Rumors suggest that President al-Assad may issue a decree to end all retention and reserves in the Syrian regime’s army, returning compulsory service to a period of one and a half years. This is anticipated to coincide with the removal of barriers in all areas under the regime’s control.


  1. *Mobile Customs”: Unconfirmed reports suggest that there may be a decision in the works to operate non-custom phones on the Syrian network without fees, potentially eliminating the burden of paying hefty fees on mobile phones.


  1. “Improvements in Service Sectors”: Syrians are hopeful that decisions will soon be issued to address problems in service sectors. These decisions may include measures to consolidate contracts, an amnesty decree, and other solutions to alleviate service-related issues. There are also expectations of contracts with China to import new cars, potentially reducing car prices, which have become exorbitant.


This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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