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The Cost of Beauty in Syria

As the cost of beauty treatments in Syria rises, the government claims that regulating the industry is a difficult task reports Al-Watan.
The Cost of Beauty in Syria

The cost of procedures in Syria’s beauty salons is on the rise, with the price of botox injections around the eyes reaching as high as 150 dollars for a single centimeter, and a High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) session, to firm the face and neck, costing as much as 250 dollars. The price of bridal makeup and hair has reached 90,000 Syrian pounds, and eyebrow tattoos are 60,000 pounds. The price for facial exfoliation has reached 50,000 pounds, while changing hair color has reached 35,000 pounds, and highlights are 30,000. A Moroccan hammam is 28,000 pounds, and a pedicure and full facial has reached 25,000 pounds. The price of hairstyling starts at 5,000 pounds and goes up from there. Curling is at least 2,000 pounds. In total, the price of bridal preparations on average is up to 125,000 pounds.

The head of the monitoring department at the Directorate of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection, Mohamed Bagh, said that there were very few regulations imposed on salons for women, because no complaints were received from those harmed by one salon or another.

The head of the Executive Councils and Offices, Soha Aliya, pointed to the lack of complaints about the prices in salons and beauty centers. She said that it was a major problem that could not be regulated, given that each center set its own prices according to the area, and in the end the customer is the one who chooses the beauty center that best suits their needs.

A member in the Executive Council in the Damascus governorate, Mazen al-Dabbas, said that the governorate had directed the professional association for barbers more than two weeks ago to prepare a list including the appropriate prices for the association as well as for the governorate and supply. He called for the professional association head to amend and raise prices at a reasonable rate and in stages.

The Director of the Consumer Protection Directorate, Hossam al-Nasrallah said that the Ministry carried out tours to inspect cosmetic supplies before they reach salons, denying that there had been any complaints about these materials.


This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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